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I do not think I can wait too long! I would not mind a insiders guide as a bit of a refresher. So many books interconnected and many characters to keep track of, not a complaint, just an observation. I may just need to reread all the books just for good measure. That will buy you a little time in getting the next book out! Oh man, I just love this series.

Sophie Oak never disappoints. I kind of had them pigeon holed from their appearance in other books. Even though their story was hinted at in several books. I'm so glad I didn't pass it up. I adore Henry and Nell. Loved every minute of their story. I'm always amazed at how a good author can pack such a full rich story into such a short book. I don't think I'll ever get tired of reading about its residence.

View all 4 comments. Feb 02, Sassafrass rated it it was amazing Shelves: z-the-romance-reviews , bdsm , suspense , z-challenge-books , z A review for the The Romance Reviews.

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It's no mystery that I love Sophie Oak. I've waxed poetic many times about her Nights in Bliss, Colorado series. And many times I've laughed about the characters of Bliss and their antics. One of those characters is Nell Flanders. I've always wondered about her poor husband, Henry, that seems to follow her and support her crazy protests against burgers or the law that prevents people from being nude in the town.

But Henry has given us a few glimpses throughout the series of something just underneath that placid surface he displays.

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Something a little dangerous. He goes to his friends' nudist colony in Bliss, Colorado as Professor Henry Flanders and meets a bleeding heart liberal by the name of Nell, who changes his world forever. When Nell is in danger, this man tries to protect Nell the best way that he can even if it means leaving her forever. We get to see some of our favorite Bliss characters before they got their own HEA's, and even got to meet some characters that we've only heard about in previous books.

WOW, whew! Who knew that Henry Flanders had it in him?!? The sexy, dominant, dirty talking man is not who I was expecting, but it's definitely who I got. And man, he could teach some of these boys in Bliss a thing or two.

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Nell…was Nell. I didn't really see her much differently than I did in the previous books, but I enjoyed seeing her through Henry's eyes.

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It really put a new perspective on her character for me. And besides the fact that this book was smokin' hot, I loved the struggle that Henry had to go through in order to be the man that Nell deserved. Also, we are treated to the suspenseful plots that the Bliss books have become known for. I have to admit, I have always wondered about Nell and Henry, but I didn't think that the story would have enough meat to be its own full-length story, but I should have known better than to doubt Sophie Oak, because she has made me a believer time and time again.

And then, to add the icing on top of an already very decadent cake, we are set up for the next Bliss book which will feature the character we've been waiting for to get his act together: Deputy Logan! Yes, people, he will finally be getting his own book well, his own along with his best friend and the woman they are going to share So, I'm sure it's obvious that I was over the moon about this book. And I think only Sophie Oak has the ability to do that to me.

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  • I'm glad that even eight books in, this series is going strong, and I am on the edge of my seat for more books to come. Jan 25, Cyn Mistress Kitty rated it it was amazing Shelves: backdoor-lovin , tortured-hero , cowboy-hotties , 5-alarm-fire-smut , mild-bdsm , older-hero , virgin-heroine , scared-hero , dirty-talking-hero , curvy-heroine.

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    Ahhhhh I just loved Nell and Henry's story. They were just perfect together. Poor Henry is so broken down and jaded fearing he has no soul when he comes to Bliss for a vacation. There he meets quirky, glass is always half full Nell. Can a man who doesn't give a damn anymore be healed by a woman who cares about everything too much? I just loved how these two interacted and how Nell would just babble and be so sweet and honest.

    Henry didn't quite know how to take her but found comfort in Ahhhhh I just loved Nell and Henry's story. Henry didn't quite know how to take her but found comfort in her babbling and in her resolve that people are good and one person can make the world a better place. It was great to see some favorites before their story and I am totally intrigued by Seth and the cliffhanger at the end. Just did a re-read. Jan 08, Chloe rated it it was amazing. This is the story of Bliss's first happily ever after.

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    Henry and Nell have been a part of Bliss since the first book in the series, but with this book we finally get the story of how they got together. To say that Henry was a different person before he came to Bliss is an understatement. The story of who he was before and why he changed his entire life for Nell is a beautiful one. It's also fun to see so many of the Bliss characters when they were young.

    Max and Rye before Rachel, how Laura ended up in Bliss, how innocent Logan was before his life changed at the hands of the Russian mob And one heck of an ending that will leave you begging Sophie to write faster! At long last, I finally know how Henry and Nell got together! He was just looking for some down time, some quiet. He never counted on falling in love with local activist Nell Finn. She moved there At long last, I finally know how Henry and Nell got together!

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    She moved there to give her mother peace of mind and to be surrounded by love as she succumbed to the cancer that was slowly killing her. Nell was more than happy to do this, she loved her mother fiercely and would do anything she asked. But Nell was no wall flower. She was a busy woman—protesting anything and anyone who threatened the earth and her delicate ecosystem. She was a force to be reckoned with. I loved the give and take between Nell and Henry. Jan 17, Malinda rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary , job-men-in-uniform , bdsm , sexual-mf , setting-colorado.

    Loved it! In case you couldn't tell I loved this story! I'm a big fan of Sophie Oak's stories and I started out with the Bliss series so I was very happy to get this story and learn more about Henry aka John and Nell and how they got together. We've had hints before letting us know that Henry wasn't as gentle as he seemed so it was very interesting seeing that fleshed out and how much he changes to be with Nell both in actions and thoughts.

    I've always liked Nell's Loved it!

    I've always liked Nell's character but getting to see her internal thought process helped me understand her character more which made me love her more. Also, there is a crossover between Nell and Sophie's Faery series Another great part of the story is that it takes place 6 years before current time and we get to see younger versions of Seth and Logan hanging out together and being best buds.

    I really liked the fleshing out of their friendship and more on Seth's personality and background that we haven't gotten before. Of course we know that the story ends with Henry and Nell together but there was some drama before Henry wa free of his past and could be with Nell. Their seperation and reunion both had me reaching for a tissue.

    I'm so happy Sophie wrote this story. There's a great setup for the next story for the threesome of Logan, Seth and Georgia. I can't wait I may have to take the day off work to read that one when it comes out! This story was definitly worth the read. Favorite in the series so far and I I really liked how it took place in the past and so you got to see more of a beginning to Bliss and its kooky residents.

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    • Jul 05, Erin Lewis rated it it was amazing. He intrigued me so much and I was so excited when I knew that this was his book. I have always loved the character of Nell Finn, so innocent and yet such a passionate advocate for the causes she supports. I loved learning the history of how Nell and Henry came to be and this story was every thing I hoped for and so much more. Henry has led a life of sacrifice, surrounded by death. Taking a much needed break in Bliss, Colorado he meets the intriguing and obviously submissive Nell.

      Can Henry keep Nell safe? I loved seeing all the characters that I have come to love when they were young and before they found their significant others. It is because you get to see glimpses of previous characters and catch up on their lives. I love the quirkiness of the characters who call Bliss home and I cannot wait for the next adventure in Bliss.